The dictionary

Think of a word... TOURISM, for example. What comes to your mind? Probably a beautiful place with lots of nice attractions. Probably you picture yourself as a tourist, enjoying all of them! This scene – and the fact that you thought about it when you read the word TOURISM – was the inspiration for this dictionary. A different dictionary in which, besides accessing a list of words, you can see the scenes they evoke.

The domains

Tourism, Soccer and the World Cup. The perfect ingredients for an incredible experience in an even more incredible country: Brazil! Those are the three vocabulary domains covered by this dictionary.

The languages

Oi! Hi! Hola! Explore the vocabulary of Tourism, Soccer and the World Cup in Brazilian Portuguese, English and Spanish!


Everything at your fingertips! While browsing the dictionary, explore the additional information screens, scrolling to the left and to the right. Click the suggested translations to see their definitions. Watch videos and look at pictures illustrating the scenes evoked by each word. Walk through the network of scenes in each domain, and observe the relations between word senses.

Need some more?

Interested in learning more about one of the specific location or subject? Follow the links available at the example sentences and visit the sites from which they were collected. You’ll be able to learn about traveller’s experiences in blogs, or even read the latest news about the World Cup.

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